is inspired by the best from the sea

The marine environment provides an endless source of wealth and inspiration for THALAC, which continues to explore marine environment to develop new cosmetic formulations.

Algue bleue

Marine active ingredients, beauty treasures

Blue-green algae, lotus, Mediterranean Sea salt, marine  elastin & collagen... have also been selected for their skin defence, protection and regeneration qualities.

Associated with refreshing, creamy and delicately perfumed textures, they enable THALAC cosmetics to offer effectiveness and well-being for visible and immediate results.

Blue-green algae, a concentration of strength and nature

The first living cells came into being 3 billion years ago in the form of lake single-celled blue-green algae.

Highly concentrated in calcium, magnesium, vitamins and amino acids, blue-green algae has moisturising, soothing and slimming properties. It is present in most of our cosmetic formulations for the face and body.