THALAC - Ultra Exfoliating Cream


Ultra Exfoliating Cream

Directly inspired by micro dermabrasion (aesthetic medicine technique), this smoothing cream ensures an intense exfoliation of the epidermis. Highly concentrated in microcrystals (30%), it “re-smoothes” the epidermis, improves radiance and refines skin texture in just 2 minutes.
The microcrystals of corundum and the lactic acid activate the cellular renewal. The allantoin associated with an extract of bud, supports the regeneration of the skin. Formula enriched with urea and panthenol, known for their moisturizing and repairing properties.

  • Skin type:mature skin, skin lacking radiance, skin prone to imperfections
  • Texture :cream
  • Use :1 to 2 times a week, preferably in the evening
  • Capacity:75g
  • Beauty treatment:Étape 1
Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Key assets

Corundum microcrystals
Corundum microcrystals

ensure an intense exfoliation. Corundum is the second hardest mineral after diamond.


intensely moisturizes, soothes and promotes the removal of dead cells.


A new skin in 2 minutes!
From the 1st application*:
1. Refines pores: 100%.
2. Smoothes the skin: reduces fine lines and the appearance of scars: 95%.
3. Gives radiance: 90%.
4. Eliminates imperfections in oily skin: 95%.
5. Firms and tones the skin
6. Reduces light hyperpigmentation
*Satisfaction test on 21 volunteers after the 1st application


Corundum microcrystals (30%): ensure intense exfoliation. Corundum is the 2nd hardest mineral after diamond.
Urea: intensely moisturizes, soothes and promotes the elimination of dead cells
Panthenol (vitamin B5): repairs and soothes the skin
Allantoin: stimulates skin renewal, soothes and softens
Oat milk: soothes and softens the skin

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