Our expertise


Combining manual techniques and the effectiveness of marine active ingredients, our protocols are exclusive. They are developed by physiotherapists and are specifically adapted to each stage of the treatment and to the THALAC products used in the cabin.

« Passionate about the brand universe and professional care offers, I joined the THALAC world in order to share and to combine our experiences and to enrich the care protocols, which benefit from the exceptional qualities of the marine environment

Gil Amsallem, specialist in manual energy therapies and massage therapy.

An integrated research laboratory

Our R&D laboratory is a veritable lung of innovation, with research engineers, biochemists and microbiologists. 

Every year, THALAC innovations benefit from our research on the richest active ingredients in trace elements and active principles: seaweed, calcium, caviar, sea fennel, marine elastin and marine collagen.

Our THALAC formulas are developed by the R&D department with a single conviction: “we want everything for our consumers and our planet”: safety + effectiveness + sensoriality.

A French manufacturing site

Most THALAC cosmetics are designed and manufactured in our French production sites (South Lyon and Alpes de Haute Provence). Since our creation, we have regularly invested in our industrial park in order to benefit from ultra-modern production units and to ensure an optimal level of quality and safety for our products.

Built in 2017, our new factory meets the strictest certifications and standards: GMP Cosmetics ISO 22716 compliance, production workshops under a filtered and controlled atmosphere, as well as ECOCERT certification for the manufacture and marketing of organic products.

Equipped with an integrated logistics platform, certified AB and ECOCERT, our laboratories ensure a quality of delivery recognised by its customers.

Rigorous selection of ingredients and packaging

The origin of our ingredients and packaging is a priority. We rigorously select our suppliers and give preference to packaging made in France.

« Today, THALAC is offering cosmetics that are inspired by marine biodiversity in order to promote and to share its most beautiful properties. Soothing, invigorating and beautifying, the sea inspires us and allows us to offer our customers a true marine experience, rich in well-being and effectiveness.»

Mélanie DUBOIS, THALAC brand manager