THALAC - Oil control correcting gel


Oil control correcting gel

SOS imperfections. Promotes the disappearance of imperfections thanks to its neutralizing and calming action. Its innovative “pen” shape facilitates the precision of the gesture for an optimal result.

  • Skin type:all types of skin
  • Texture :gel
  • Use :several times a day.
  • Capacity:15ml
  • Beauty treatment:Étape 1
Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Key assets

Givobio Zn
Givobio Zn

soothing, refreshing, invigorating.

Essential oil of lavandin
Essential oil of lavandin

soothing, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, healing.


Imperfections asséchées. Teint purifié. Peau normalisée.


Mint essential oil: soothing, refreshing, toning
Lavender essential oil: calming, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, healing
Ac net: normalizing, purifying, regulating sebaceous secretions
Givobio: normalizing, soothing, regulates sebaceous secretions

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