THALAC - Hydra Mask Tissue

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Hydra Mask Tissue

This soft, ready-to-use fabric mask, enriched with a complex of 3 hyaluronic acids, ensures deep hydration of the skin. Plant sugars, urea and shea butter complete its moisturizing action for intensely nourished skin.

  • Skin type:all types of skin
  • Texture :Fabric mask
  • Use :1 time per week. In treatment: apply twice per week, for 3 weeks.
  • Capacity:Sachet 25g
  • Beauty treatment:Étape 1
Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Key assets

Complex of 3 hyaluronic acids
Complex of 3 hyaluronic acids

ensures hydration.

Vegetable sugars
Vegetable sugars

increase the water reserves of the skin.


Intensely moisturized skin.


Complex of 3 hyaluronic acids (low, medium and high molecular weight): ensures hydration
Plant sugars: increase the skin’s water reserves
Urea: retains water within the cells
Shea butter: nourishes

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