THALAC - Scrub



Scrubbing & Purifying Gel. For a radiant complexion, this cleansing and purifying scrub with burdock, ginseng and marine elastin extracts, provides a deep and gentle cleansing. It eliminates impurities, toxins and excess sebum, as well as dead cells.

  • Skin type:all types of skin
  • Texture :gel
  • Use :1 to 2 times per week
  • Capacity:50ml

Key assets

Micro silica beads
Micro silica beads

exfoliating, scrubbing.

Ginseng extract and caffeine
Ginseng extract and caffeine

exfoliating, stimulating collagen production


Clear, smooth, softened skin and refined skin texture. Luminous complexion.


Silica microbeads: exfoliating, scrubbing
A.H.A: exfoliating, stimulating collagen production
Ginseng extract and caffeine: toning and stimulating
Marine elastin: helps give elasticity to tissues and limit their aging
Burdock extract: astringent, purifying, regulates sebum production
Bocapa monniera extract: soothing, comforting, anti-free radical

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