THALAC - Toning slimming gel


Toning slimming gel

The must-have for a slim and firm silhouette. Its formula with caffeine, plant tensor and essential oil of mint helps to remodel the silhouette and regain a smooth and toned skin quality.

  • Skin type:all types of skin
  • Texture :gel
  • Use :morning and/or evening
  • Capacity:220ml
  • Beauty treatment:Étape 1
Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Key assets

Peppermint essential oil
Peppermint essential oil

toning, stimulating, refreshing, anti-inflammatory.

Centella Asiatica extract
Centella Asiatica extract

decongestant, refreshing.


Remodels, reshapes and refines the silhouette. Smoothed and firmed skin.


Peppermint essential oil: toning, stimulating, refreshing, anti-inflammatory
Menthol: decongestant, refreshing
Caffeisilane: firming, draining, lipolytic and stimulating: increases metabolic activity
Plant tensor: immediate tensor and smoothing effect
Ginkgo biloba extract: restructuring, vein-tonic, anti-free radical
Centella asiatica extract: moisturizing, healing, restructuring and tissue regeneration.

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