THALAC - After shave


After shave

The After-shave for Men soothes, moisturizes and provides an immediate sensation of comfort and softness. Its enveloping and soothing texture penetrates instantly for an extreme after-shave comfort without any greasy feeling.

  • Skin type:all types of skin
  • Texture :emulsion
  • Use :After shavingemulsion
  • Capacity:50ml

Key assets

Vitamine E
Vitamine E

anti-radical, helps maintain the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Elastine marine
Elastine marine

balances the water flow necessary for optimal hydration.


Soothed and moisturized skin. Feeling of comfort and softness.


Vitamin E: anti-radical, helps maintain skin elasticity and hydration
AquaxylTM: balances the flow of water necessary for optimal hydration
Marine elastin: helps to give elasticity to tissues and limit their aging
Bocapa monniera extract: calming, comforting, anti-radical
Frescola: decongestant, refreshing
Absorbent microparticles: matifying agent
Centella asiatica extract: stimulating, healing
Birch extract: antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory

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