THALAC - Anti-ageing serum


Anti-ageing serum

Used under your usual day cream, this complete face and décolleté treatment stimulates cellular activity. Day after day, the skin is moisturized and radiant, wrinkles fade.

  • Skin type:all types of skin
  • Texture :serum
  • Use :as a treatment or on a daily basis. Morning and/or night, before your skin cream.
  • Capacity:30ml
  • Beauty treatment:Étape 1
Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Discover the treatment in 6 steps

Key assets

Phylderm vegetal
Phylderm vegetal

nourishing and revitalizing.

Bladderwrack extract
Bladderwrack extract

contributes to give elasticity to tissues and to limit their ageing.


Hydrated, revitalized and luminous skin. Unified and radiant complexion.


Phylderm vegetal: nourishing and revitalizing.
Marine elastin: helps give elasticity to tissues and limit their aging.
Extract of fucus: hydrating and remineralizing.
Marine collagen: brings softness, flexibility and elasticity to the skin. Activates the cellular renewal.
Calcium: reactivates the coherence between the cells and deeply reconstitutes the epidermis.

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